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What Banking Can Teach Health Care About Handling Customer Data – Harvard Business Review

Executive Summary Why can we run our entire financial lives with a few smartphone apps, a couple of plastic cards, and an ATM network, while so many of our interactions with the health care system still rely on phone calls, copiers, fax machines, and even the occasional multi-part form? Why is the routine exchange of… Read More »

Enovacom guide emphasises vital role of interoperability in ensuring high standard of patient care

According to French healthcare innovation think-tank LIR, by 2020, global healthcare data is expected to reach a gargantuan 2.3 billion gigabytes. But this extraordinary amount of information needs to be in the right hands to be truly effective. Clinicians and carers can work smarter – and provide good quality, effective care for patients – only… Read More »

Why Should Anyone Care About Health Data Interoperability?

By SUSANNAH FOX This piece is part of the series “The Health Data Goldilocks Dilemma: Sharing? Privacy? Both?” which explores whether it’s possible to advance interoperability while maintaining privacy. Check out other pieces in the series here. A question I hear quite often, sometimes whispered, is: Why should anyone care about health data interoperability? It… Read More »