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Healthy living lowers risk of dementia by up to a third, even with high genetic risk: study

Dementia isn’t an inevitable part of aging, even for those carrying multiple genetic risk factors for the brain-ravaging disease, a new study suggests. Researchers who followed nearly 200,000 people found those at high genetic risk for dementia, but who didn’t smoke, who exercised regularly, drank alcohol in moderation and ate a Mediterranean-leaning diet lowered their… Read More »

New AI can spot tell-tale signs of genetic disorder just by scanning people's faces

New AI can spot tell-tale signs of a genetic disorder AND the cause just by scanning people’s faces – paving the way to cheaper and quicker diagnoses The face analysis program, known as DeepGestalt, was made by a US tech company It could in future assist the diagnosis of rare genetic syndromes, say researchers Experts… Read More »