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Howard Schultz cites VA bureaucracy as reason not to let government take over healthcare

Potential independent 2020 presidential candidate Howard Schultz is vowed on Tuesday to overhaul the Veterans Affairs Department while taking a dig at Democratic proposals for a government-financed healthcare system. “Now, there are good people in the VA, but there is a level of bureaucracy that is just unbelievable and now we want to turn over… Read More »

Patients with primary care doctors receive more high-value healthcare, study finds

The U.S. healthcare system is generally centered around hospitals and specialty care. But the value of primary care has remained somewhat unclear, in part due to limited research. A new Northwestern Medicine study directly compared the quality and experience of outpatient care between adults with or without primary care. It found that Americans with primary… Read More »

Aetna, Anthem pilot seeks blockchain potential in healthcare

Dive Brief: Aetna, Anthem, Health Care Service Corporation, IBM and PNC Bank are teaming up to design and develop a blockchain network aimed at improving transparency and interoperability in healthcare.  The goal is an inclusive blockchain network that members of multiple organizations across the healthcare ecosystem can use to securely share personal health information. Potential… Read More »