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Providers begin using AI to improve clinical decision making

Healthcare organizations across the country are beginning to cash in on early efforts in artificial intelligence and data visualization. First reports on initial efforts to use these advanced technologies show tantalizing potential. At Massachusetts General Hospital researchers have developed an AI algorithm to rapidly diagnose and classify brain hemorrhages from unenhanced computed tomography scans, detecting… Read More »

The New Old Age: Dementia May Never Improve, but Many Patients Still Can Learn

ImageCreditStuart Briers He was a retired factory worker, living with his wife outside a small town in Wales, in the United Kingdom. Once outgoing and sociable, engaged in local activities including a community choir, he’d been jolted by a diagnosis of early dementia. A few months later, at 70, he wouldn’t leave the house alone,… Read More »

Babies Do It. So Do Fitness Trainers. Now Scientists Say It Might Even Improve Memory.

Babies do it. Yoga practitioners swear by it. Fitness instructors say it aids in oxygenation during exercise. Scientists are even touting it for predicting the likelihood of dementia. And now researchers are even claiming that the way we breathe may affect how well our memories are consolidated. Maybe there really is something to breathing through… Read More »