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New vaccine for malaria developed at IME could be more effective

Researchers at the Institute for Molecular Engineering at the University of Chicago have developed an innovative new system for delivering a malaria vaccine that shows promise in its effectiveness. By developing a vaccine that targets specific cells in the immune system, they have seen a much greater immune and antibody response to the vaccine. Though a vaccine for malaria… Read More »

Get More From Your Pharmacy – ConsumerReports.org

The range of services offered by pharmacies, including chains and independents, is growing fast. Many now offer flu and other vaccinations, including travel vaccines. Some help manage “specialty” drugs, complicated medications that require injections or infusions. Or pharmacies can monitor blood pressure or blood sugar levels. “Patients spend a lot more time in their local… Read More »

Patients with primary care doctors receive more high-value healthcare, study finds

The U.S. healthcare system is generally centered around hospitals and specialty care. But the value of primary care has remained somewhat unclear, in part due to limited research. A new Northwestern Medicine study directly compared the quality and experience of outpatient care between adults with or without primary care. It found that Americans with primary… Read More »