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Chai Tea Muffins Recipe

Recipe by Naturally Savvy Teas are well-loved all over the world for their delicious flavors, fragrant aroma and health benefits. Chai tea possesses all  of these qualities. Its origins can be traced to India, , but it has become popular around the world,  with cafes and restaurants offering various chai beverages and companies producing premade… Read More »

This Valentine’s Day Smoothie Recipe Is Packed Full Of Libido-Loving Superfoods

Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s come around so fast. And whether it’s one of your favourite holidays of the year or you simply cringe at the thought, if there’s one thing that everyone should be doing no matter what their relationship status is, is showing themselves some much-deserved love. We’ve given you some yoga poses you… Read More »

Leftover Turkey Skillet Recipe

Recipe by Jennafer Ashley of Paleohacks Turkey has always been a traditional part of Thanksgiving dinner, often served with vegetables and a side of cranberry sauce. It is usually roasted to golden perfection, making it an appetizing centerpiece of holiday feasts. But with the abundance of food during these celebrations, it’s unavoidable to have leftovers.… Read More »