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The best diet plan to lose weight for salad haters – New York Post

Julie Buchenholz’s salad days are over. Ever since the 33-year-old Brooklynite quit eating salads last year — swapping out greens for chicken meatballs with veggie sides, cauliflower-crust pizzas and zucchini noodles — she lost nearly 10 pounds in 10 weeks. “It seems very counterintuitive,” says Buchenholz, who works at the Camp kids’ store in the… Read More »

New Year 2019 Effect! Salad Bars Get Overcrowded in NYC Thanks to ‘Eat Healthy’ Resolutions

Representational Image (Photo Credits: unsplash.com) It is New Year 2019, and also time for taking some serious resolutions to follow for a better life. People are intended more to make vows for a healthy lifestyle. Food holds a weird place in everyone’s lives today. We are obsessed with what we are eating and even what… Read More »

Broccoli Salad With Ranch Dressing

Have you ever enjoyed dipping broccoli in ranch dressing? Now you can make it a broccoli salad with ranch dressing. Broccoli isn’t just that vegetable that your parents tried to get you to eat when you were younger, it’s a “superfood” staple that should be in your kitchen! Broccoli is one of several cruciferous vegetables that… Read More »