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Near-Infrared Tech for Minimally Invasive Brain Monitoring: Interview with Philippe Dro, CEO of Luciole Medical

Luciole Medical, a medtech company based in Switzerland, has developed near-infrared sensors that can assess levels of tissue oxygenation as well as cerebral blood flow by measuring oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin. The sensors include a skin patch, which measures brain blood flow and oxygen saturation in patients undergoing surgery, and a minimally invasive probe that… Read More »

Cloud service management tech drops cost per ticket by 15.5% at Rogers Behavioral Health

Rogers Behavioral Health, in the San Francisco Bay Area, was having problems with its help desk software. It was just getting in the way, especially after the provider organization combined its IT unit with its clinical informatics staff. THE PROBLEM The software was multiple versions behind, locally hosted and gave users unreliable data. Employees did… Read More »