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Sore throat: Allergy or cold? Plus treatment and prevention – Medical News Today

Pain, irritation, scratchiness, and swelling are common symptoms of a sore throat. Allergies, common colds, the flu, and other respiratory infections can all cause a sore throat. Knowing what has caused a sore throat allows a person to treat it more effectively. Sore throats due to allergies, colds, and the flu generally respond well to… Read More »

Scientists discover two enzymes linked to pancreatic cancer – paving way to more precise treatment 

Hope for pancreatic cancer sufferers like Alex Trebek: Scientists discover how to predict who has better odds of surviving the hard-to-treat disease – paving the way to new treatments Enzyme PKC suppresses tumor growth while another enzyme, PHLPP1, regulates its activity  When the tumor suppressant switch is turned ‘on’, the other enzyme makes sure it’s… Read More »